Goods & Textiles

~ Anything I sell on here will be specifically curated by me, and all are goods I wear and/or use myself ~

  • ~ About Matt Howse ~

    I was born in Australia, and we settled into the San Francisco area shortly thereafter. It all really started for me when I saw Jaws in 1975, when I was six years old. I became obsessed with, and since that time, I've always loved drawing sharks... 

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  • ~ Tattoos ~

    I specialize in traditional American tattoos, with my own take, own style… but always at their core, they’re bold traditional that leans on more than 100 years of history. Tattoos that look good and strong in 20, 30, 40 years – that’s what I always strive for. I like using old stories, secret society vibe and imagery in my drawings and flash, always with a nod to the history and where our style came from. 

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  • ~ Artwork ~

    The work I produce stems from the unconscious to the conscious, always looking to live within a certain vibe. Inspired by classic American tattoo flash, my time in the military, horror flicks, dream state, and the macabre. My tattoos, my paintings, tattoo flash all reflect the things I’ve loved my whole life. 

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